Built for Successful Real Estate Teams

PLACE powers high-performing real estate teams at all brokerages through a fusion of proven systems and cutting-edge technology. PLACE makes running a profitable business easier so our partners can deliver the dream of home ownership everywhere.

Grow Your Team

Boost Productivity

Retain & Develop Talent

Scale with Business Services

Improve Real Estate Operations

Diversity Your Income

Boost Productivity

PLACE launches and trains your agents so they produce in 90 days, then provides the resources and the training they need to help more customers and sell more homes.

  • 10-step daily plan for success
  • Business planning support
  • In-depth agent certifications
  • Extensive learning resources
  • CRM dashboard accountability
  • Proven lead gen programs
  • New and experienced agent launch programs
  • Automated campaigns
  • Daily power-ups
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Explore the Power of Partnership

Scale with Business Services

PLACE makes running a successful real estate team and profitable business more manageable with hundreds of employees dedicated to helping you with:

  • Accounting & Payroll
  • Design & Marketing
  • HR & Legal
  • Training & Development
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Diversify Your Income

We are committed to helping you build wealth. In addition to making your team more profitable, we provide PLACE Operators with opportunities for:

  • Stock ownership
  • In-house consumer services
  • Revenue share
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Empower Your Real Estate Team with PLACE

Built by top real estate team owners, PLACE has first-hand experience with all the many factors that go into growing a successful real estate team. With PLACE, you can streamline every aspect of your real estate operations.

This all-in-one platform offers IDX websites for enhanced visibility, daily routines to keep your team on track, lead generation tools to fuel growth, and marketing solutions to amplify your reach. Through PLACE, you can simplify recruiting, monitor team accountability through dashboards, and access financial statements for informed decision-making. Plus, the integrated learning systems and resources ensure the team stays ahead of the curve with ongoing real estate training.

Say hello to a truly unified platform, bringing everything you need to have a thriving real estate team all in one place.

Ready to Make Running Your Real Estate Team Easier?

Explore the Power of Partnership