Minimize Real Estate Agent Expenses

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real estate agent expenses chart

You spend a significant amount on real estate agent expenses to keep your business operating smoothly.

We’ve found that those costs usually run anywhere between 40-90% of their commission, depending on the size and scope of their business. Your actual take-home pay is a fraction of the revenue generated from a single real estate transaction.

When you review everything you pay for — from marketing materials to rental fees to real estate technology and systems — it’s easy to see how those costs quickly add up.

Reduce Real Estate Agent Expenses

  • Administrative salaries
  • Real estate CRM software
  • Lead generation technology and systems
  • Real estate marketing tools
  • Branding and marketing collateral
  • Real estate AI tools
  • Advertising and brand awareness
  • Real estate business licensing fees
  • Business and health insurance
  • Photography for real estate sales and branding
  • Real estate training and certifications
  • Business coaching and mentorship
  • Travel and networking expenses
  • Accounting and legal fees

Earn More Money with PLACE

Reduce Expenses

Increase Earnings

Find Freedom

PLACE allows real estate agents like you to earn more with the lowest possible expenses. By joining a powered by PLACE team, you get exclusive access to proprietary technology, systems, models, and training – everything you need to build a lucrative real estate career.

Discover Why Real Estate Agents Choose PLACE

Keith McCuistion

“It’s fun to be on your own and start your own business. But there’s a lot that I didn’t want to build as far as systems, especially if you want to scale and sell a lot of real estate.  Just being able to plug in, and sell real estate, and take care of my clients without having to think about all of the building, the business side of it was just a lot better fit for me. It also saved me tens of thousands of dollars — or more.”

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