Build Wealth Beyond Real Estate Commissions

PLACE Partners have access to multiple wealth-building opportunities, making them true owners and investors that net significantly more income than average agents.

Secure Your Financial Future with PLACE

As real estate business owners ourselves, we know your financial security shouldn’t solely rely on production—yours or your team’s. With PLACE, you can proactively shape the future you envision, securing your financial well-being beyond current production.

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Stock Purchase Program

Invest in your future with our stock purchase program, securing a stake in your success.

Growth Share

Join our growth share program, where referring operators are rewarded for attracting like-minded entrepreneurs to PLACE

Revenue Share

Create long-term significant passive income through sharing commissions earned by agents recruited to PLACE teams

Allied Services Opportunities

Earn RESPA-compliant active or passive income on consumer services, including those offered through our in-house mortgage division and future value added consumer services.

Partnering with PLACE Helps You Diversify Your Income and Build Long-Term Wealth

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