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Our PLACE Platform empowers top agents to grow a scalable, sustainable, and profitable real estate business.
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Our tech advantage

We have built or acquired some of the top real estate technology companies in the world (including ones we’ve purchased from companies like Zillow) and created an end-to-end technology platform for optimum results in real estate sales.

Your own marketing agency

Marketing and exposure is critical for your clients and for your brand. With marketing across digital, social, and print media, the PLACE in-house marketing and design agency helps you generate leads and elevate your brand simultaneously,

Systems = do more business

The combination of our training, technology, systems, leads, accountability, coaching, and brand will give your agents the tools to outperform the average agent with 10 years of experience. The top new agents on PLACE teams consistently close between 24 and 75 homes in their first year (vs. the national agent average of 10 to 12 deals per year after a decade in the industry).

Limitless opportunity

Opportunities abound for agents powered by PLACE who aspire to something more than “just an agent” for the rest of their career. Driven individuals earn the ability to launch an expansion team, invest in a brokerage, invest in real estate with business partners, become a trainer, take leadership positions, and build wealth.

Powered by PLACE

PLACE is shaking up the real estate industry.

PLACE Inc. is the new platform for powering licensed real estate professionals from a variety of brokerages. We’re a real estate platform for top teams and agents who independently operate in dozens of states and provinces, covering 60+ major cities and markets.

We set out reimagining what the real estate industry could and should look like. Then we set out to reinvent the real estate model as we know it.

We created a PLACE to come and count on proprietary technology and business services including accounting, bookkeeping, human resources, in-house legal, design and marketing, videography, talent acquisition, agent attraction, business training and coaching, and perhaps most surprising, an incredible Agent Opportunity Model with staff and agent benefits unlike anything else in the industry.

It took 5,000 years before the internal-combustion engine first disrupted the horse as the common means of transportation.

PLACE disrupts the real estate industry overnight. Without purpose and mission, disruption is just more noise. PLACE Inc. provides a platform for top real estate agents to be central to all things real estate while delivering the dream of home ownership EVERYWHERE.

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PLACE is delivering the dream of home ownership everywhere

You have found your PLACE

+ A PLACE that ensures you build an experiential life through real estate.
+ A PLACE top agents can collaborate and build real business that are infinite.
+ A PLACE where relationships matter, we work hard as a team, and stay humble as we succeed.
+ A PLACE where buyers agents and listing agents have their space.
+ A PLACE where new agents learn and experienced agents develop.
+ A PLACE to invest in real estate, invest in businesses, invest in people, and invest in your future.
+ A PLACE for growth in sales, revenue, profit, wealth, personal development, and opportunity.
+ A PLACE current clients, past clients, and future clients come to sell a home, buy a home, secure a loan for a home, receive title on a home, insure a home, maintain a home, remodel a home, build a home… do everything home.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

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