Reduce Real Estate Agent Turnover Rate

Elevate your culture, retain your stars, and foster an environment where growth and loyalty go hand in hand.

Retain Your Top Performers

Our approach to reducing real estate agent turnover rate starts by enhancing your team culture with models that incentivize growth. Encourage top performers to stay and grow with your real estate business instead of seeking opportunities elsewhere. When they can build their own success as partners within your real estate team, you’ll set up your business for long-term 
and sustainable growth.

Our comprehensive benefits coupled with our unique Leverage and Opportunity models are designed to retain top real estate agents with production-based benefits, including:

Revenue Share

Other Income opportunities

Equity Plans

Subsidized health insurance

Opportunity to build within your team

real estate agent expenses chart

Comprehensive Benefits

At PLACE, we understand the value of retaining exceptional talent. That’s why our comprehensive benefits aim to support and incentivize your real estate agents, creating an environment where their success aligns with yours. Empower your team and retain top talent with the array of benefits available through PLACE.


Health Insurance

Secure your team’s well-being with comprehensive health coverage, ensuring their wellness and peace of mind.


Stock Plan

Invest in your team’s future and loyalty by offering stock plan options, aligning their success with the company’s growth.


Exclusive Development Sessions

Access group coaching led by renowned coach Brendon Burchard, enhancing skills and motivation.


Continued Education

Offer weekly personal development sessions and leadership programs, fostering growth and expertise within your team.

Leverage Model

Equip your team with strategies to amplify their efficiency and productivity, maximizing their impact. There are milestones when adding supporting members to the team makes good business sense. We have years of experience to help guide your agents on the when and who. Our leverage model ensures your agents grow a profitable business that keeps them thriving in your organization.

Opportunity Model

In addition to the PLACE Leverage Model, we have created the industry’s most robust Opportunity Model to ensure your most valuable and productive team members remain within your organization no matter the success levels they achieve. The diagram illustrates our 6-step advancement model for retaining 100% of your most valuable talent.


First 12 Units


Up to 24 Units/Year

Senior Partner

49+ Units/Year or $500k GCI


25+ Units/Year or $250k GCI

Managing Partner

100 Units/Year or $1m GCI

Equity Partner

$2.5m in GCI

real estate agent expenses chart

PLACE Resources & Community

We’re dedicated to minimizing and supporting your growing real estate business and team’s development. PLACE resources empower your agents, cultivate leadership skills, and create a thriving environment where growth is continuous and achievable.

  • Subsidized one-on-one coaching
  • Community of like-minded agents & operators
  • Executive leadership consultations
  • Networking opportunities

Minimize Real Estate Agent Turnover Rate and Provide Top Producers a Career Path as Partners within Your Organization

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