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How to Attract & Retain Agents With Established Real Estate Branding

Every real estate agent knows that effective branding and strong marketing are essential to stand out and succeed. When growing your real estate team, you have a big advantage if your real estate branding, collateral, and marketing are already in place.

It’s essential to show new potential agents how your proven branding and marketing systems can help them succeed in real estate, whether they are new to the business or have years of experience under their belts. During the interview process, display a brand kit showcasing the branding leverage your team provides. Once they sign and onboard, it’s time to roll out tailor-made real estate branding with the scripts, strategies, and solutions to market their business from day one.

Your successful real estate branding kit

1. An announcement detailing their new career path

To establish brand awareness for this new partnership, create an announcement to share across the web, including the team’s blog which can then be promoted via social media from both parties.

What to include in the press release:

  • The agent’s bio
  • A quote from the agent that shares what excites them most about being a part of the team
  • A quote from the team leader that shares why the team is looking forward to partnering with the agent

Bonus tip: The press release should emphasize the team’s value propositions on both team culture and client service to appeal to a wider audience.

2. New real estate business cards and nametag

Immediately order the agent’s business cards and nametag to get them excited about being a part of your real estate team. Not only are these business cards essential for your agent’s day-to-day business, they may share with their industry colleagues who are interested in joining a team that provides branded collateral and marketing support.

3. Pop-bys to hand-deliver

Prepare the agent’s first month of pop-bys to hand out with their new real estate business cards. The pop-by could be something simple or seasonal, like a branded keychain or a hand decorated sugar cookie. Request that the agent hand-deliver pop-bys to encourage face-to-face conversations with as many contacts in their farm area as possible and start developing a loyal customer base. 

For seasoned agents, these pop-bys can help communicate that the agent is now part of your team, and can spark a broader conversation about what resources are now available to the agent’s existing clients. 

Bonus tip: During the interview process, show prospective recruits a visual calendar of their entire year, down to the monthly real estate branding materials available, to build business excitement and momentum.

4. Direct mail postcards

Generate brand and agent awareness by sending direct mail postcards to the agent’s farm area, and include a message like, “Your neighborhood’s trusted real estate agent,” with some market stats or recently sold properties on the back. This will help the agent establish themselves as a local market expert who relies on data to guide their clients toward smart investments, whether buying or selling.

5. Staging and selling booklet

Provide branded booklets designed for prospective sellers, teaching them how to stage and prepare for showings, individualized with the agents’ headshot, name, and phone number.

This printed booklet, with the agent’s information professionally presented both inside and on the cover, is a tangible, in-hand product that gives them confidence in their business when meeting with prospective clients, and it helps the agent understand the value they can deliver to prospective sellers.

6. How to hire a real estate agent booklet

Provide branded booklets that include the agent’s image and details on every page and information that caters to prospective buyers and sellers, such as the top questions to ask a Realtor® before hiring one, and the answers clients should look for. This gives the new agent something valuable, tangible, and eye-catching to hand-deliver to clients.

7. FSBO/Canceled/Expired guide

Give agents on the team a branded booklet that functions as a free guide for FSBO/Canceled/Expireds to get their homes back on the market successfully a second time. When agents claim a lead, they mail or drop off a branded booklet to the owner.

Bonus tip: This often untapped portion of the market is always up for grabs and, if targeted properly, can provide leads for agents daily.

8. Social media templates

Your real estate branding kit should include announcements on multiple social media channels for every new real estate agent. Pull elements from the press release, including quotes from the team leader and new team member. To generate optimal interest, create Facebook Stories or Instagram Reels.

Tip: Have a variety of templates to choose from to make it easy to create social media announcements.

9. Email Templates

Provide a series of three emails for the recruit’s database, which always redirects to the agent’s new website. The first email centers on the new career move, building brand awareness, and the new partnership.

The second email highlights the benefits of the team’s enhanced transparency and communication with the consumer for their real estate needs.

The third email emphasis — the agent is on a new team, helping the same community buy, sell, or invest in real estate. To add additional value, the email features tools available for buyers and sellers, including listing alerts and market reports.

10. Consistency — the key to success

Research shows a strong, consistent brand leads to more recognition, greater trust in the marketplace, and, ultimately, more business. Therefore, you need to make consistency a priority in your real estate branding efforts.

No matter what type of real estate marketing materials you create for your new and seasoned agents – business cards, buyer packets, direct mail postcards, or visual assets – all the branding elements, like logos, fonts, colors, and tone of voice, need to be the same, so that each time your real estate business reaches potential clients in the community, your brand is instantly recognizable.

Your team’s social media channels will also thrive with more consistency. Make it a priority to plan your postings ahead of time and develop a cadence you can stick to, and encourage your agents to do the same. When you regularly post valuable content and engage with comments that are longer than a couple of words, it will be easier to reach your target audience and develop a loyal customer base.

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