Partner Spotlight

Discover how PLACE makes running a profitable, successful real estate team easier for our Partners.

Gaining Time Back

Barb Dopp

Agents with a Smile – Boise, ID

$2.3M GCI

40% Profit

Before PLACE, Barb had a fast-paced career with 200 closings every year, but she yearned for more personal time for herself and to give the agents on her team greater opportunities and resources. Now, she calls partnering with PLACE the “best decision of her life.” Watch to see how Barb scaled her team to $140 million in annual sales volume with her agents taking the reins on production.

A People First Approach

Jacqueline Smith

Ben Kinney Team – Vancouver, WA

$1.9M GCI

67% Units Sold

Jacqueline’s growth numbers with PLACE are outstanding, but the most impressive aspect of her business is the profound emotional impact her team’s success has had on her as a leader. For Jacqueline and her team, PLACE is about building wealth through real estate ownership, turning their income into assets, and finding new opportunities for personal and professional growth. Watch Jacqueline’s touching testimonial about how the “people first” PLACE environment helped her expand her impact to change lives at an unprecedented rate.

Changing Lives Through Growth

Travis Bard

Legacy Real Estate Network – Prescott, AZ

↑ $2.1M GCI

16 Sales Per Agent Average

Travis Bard has grown his real estate team’s revenue from $1.1 million to a whopping $3.2 million in just two years thanks to his PLACE partnership. The unique resources that PLACE provides helped his team reach goals that would otherwise take a decade of work. Watch to see how this Arizona agent and business owner found more time to devote to developing his people and ultimately change lives.

Raising The Bar For Success

Becca and Craig Channer

Ben Kinney Team – Anchorage, AK

$1.4M GCI

65% Units Sold

Before PLACE, Becca and Craig Channer thought their banner year was $785,000 in gross commission income (GCI). Now, through the PLACE Partnership, their team is at a new level, generating 2.5 million in annual revenue. See Becca and Craig explain how working alongside top real estate professionals within the PLACE network has helped them meet their investing goals and achieve a higher personal net worth.

Building a Big Business

Adelina Rotar

Ben Kinney Team – Austin, TX

$3.6M GCI

23 Agents Added

From $2.4 million to $6 million in revenue in just two years  – that’s the gross commission income (GCI) growth Adelina Rotar experienced after partnering with PLACE. Watch to see Adelina explain the four things PLACE does exceptionally well: lowering expenses, eliminating tasks that interfere with client relations, creating opportunities to build wealth beyond sales, and joining a community of top performers to lean on others for support. 

Success Through Others

Cerissa Jornod

Ben Kinney Team – Dallas, TX

$2.2M GCI

300% Volume


Since partnering with PLACE, Cerissa’s team tripled their business and found a network of top producers that value collaboration over competition, who Cerissa refers to as her “tribe.”  Watch to learn how Cerissa broke through barriers by leaning on partnership and finding success through others, thanks to PLACE.

Going Further, Faster, as a Father

Austin Keitner

The Keitner Group – Toronto, ON

$2.7M GCI

 136% Profit


Austin Keitner partnered with PLACE to create a more profitable business with opportunities for his agents. Not only are his clients benefitting from better business efficiency, but Austin credit’s PLACE’s onboarding system to get his agents into production quickly. Watch to see how PLACE supported Austin as he tripled his revenue, minimized expenses for a bigger bottom line, and doubled his team size to spend more time on what he values most.

Need More Time?

Kristen Meyer

Sweet Living Realty – Seattle, WA

200% Volume

200% Agent Count


In the first year of their PLACE partnership, Kristen Meyer’s Seattle real estate team doubled their business. Watch Kristen’s interview to see how she’s grown professionally, boosted her confidence and started taking more risks as a business owner because of her ability to lean on others within the PLACE network.  

Partnerships Drive Profit

Elizabeth Olcott

Elizabeth Olcott & Associates – Napa, CA

300% Net Income

↑ 80% Profit Margin


Elizabeth partnered with PLACE because she was “leadership lonely” and wanted to find a network of top agents to grow further, faster. Now she’s sharing her story of a business she didn’t know was possible, where the agents on her team are launched into production quickly, which directly benefits her personal net income. Watch below to hear Elizabeth’s immense success via her partnership with PLACE.

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