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8 Tips for Leading New Real Estate Agents On Your Team

New real estate agents need support and direction from a pro to thrive in this competitive industry. Team leaders shouldn’t paint a rosy picture of autonomy and unlimited income potential without laying the foundation for productivity.

To skyrocket your team’s success in today’s real estate industry, you must support your agents’ journeys and equip them with the skills needed to reach their goals, and ultimately, add value to your real estate business.

Use these seven commitments to form the core training for your new real estate team members.

1. Set clear lead generation expectations

Give new hires a proven, replicable set of real estate lead generation techniques. Successful agents need the right scripts, a ready database, and coaching to build confidence. Lead generation fuels profitable real estate careers, so encourage consistent work across a minimum of four funnels, such as:

  • Cold-calling
  • Open houses
  • Expired listings
  • Doorknocking 

A strong lead gen foundation instills productive habits that supercharge the pipeline, build client relationships, and encourage usage of your real estate CRM at a high level. It’s a critical process that supports their real estate business (and yours) every step of the way.

2. Develop skills consistently

Leverage educational resources to help new real estate agents hone their skills in:

  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Presentation
  • Data analysis
  • Real estate marketing
  • Networking

At PLACE, agents are immediately plugged into an all-in-one solution with live real estate agent onboarding. This helps both new and seasoned agents develop:

  • Soft skills, with an emphasis on communication skills 
  • Marketing strategies to reach potential clients
  • Digital marketing knowledge
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Knowledge about current market trends 
  • Selling and buying process

Throughout their first weeks on your real estate team, coach new agents to incorporate their key skills in daily script practice. Encourage everyone, including operations staff, to be open to practicing buyer, listing, or homeownership presentations with them. The more practice and feedback they get, the more they’ll learn, adapt, and excel.

3. Drill operational procedures

Dedicate time or enlist your admin staff to train new real estate agents to follow your business’s workflows, systems, and procedures. If your team doesn’t have set operational procedures, it’s time to write them down and set expectations for everyone. If guidelines aren’t set, write them down and establish baselines for everyone. Standards are the only way agents can smoothly manage transactions and ensure client satisfaction every time.

4. Hold your new real estate agents accountable

Accountability thrives when it’s a team effort, not by micromanaging. Let everyone know that your team model revolves around supporting everyone’s success and delivering client satisfaction.

Have this conversation with your entire team, including seasoned agents, about voluntary accountability. That way, agents understand the consequences of their choices and take ownership because it’s the right thing for clients and the business. It’s about self-responsibility, not external pressure. 

Take it a step further and meet with your experienced agents or leadership team to identify those willing to be accountability partners for your new agents. This benefits them as they gain mentorship opportunities and the potential for team expansion within your team. On the flip side, new real estate agents gain a valuable professional relationship, a feedback loop, career direction, and extra support.

5. Emphasize client satisfaction

Remind your agents that they are the voice of reason during the largest financial real estate transaction of most people’s lives. That responsibility is significant and should be handled as such. Your agents are helping clients change their lives, possibly for generations. Agents need to be mentally prepared to handle challenges and go above and beyond for exceptional buyer and seller service.

6. Cultivate a values-driven environment

A strong team runs like a business, and businesses must communicate their brand value and identity to both clients and employees. Make sure your mission, vision, and values statements are visible in your office and marketing efforts. Ensure that what your business stands for is meaningful to you, your clients, and everyone on your team. Weave the business’s aspirations and guiding beliefs into day-to-day activities. An easy way to do that is to kick off meetings by reflecting on shared values together.

7. Help them craft a real estate business plan

Success loves a plan. Simply plugging agents into your business plan isn’t enough. Their goals are yours, but new real estate agents might not know what executable actions to take.

They don’t need a super detailed plan. Try this basic first-year plan.

  • Goal: Close 24 transactions, half buyers and half sellers
  • Objective: Aim for 24 contracted buyers 24 and 24 listing agreements to prepare for a margin of error
    • Strategy: Meet with 48 qualified buyers and 48 qualified sellers
    • Strategy: Meet with one potential buyer and one potential seller weekly and convert those meetings and conversations into contracts.
      • Tactic: Lean on lead generation and training to quickly refine new and developing key skills

Newer agents crave a clear real estate career path. Creating one together demonstrates your belief in their ability and future.

8. Stay focused on what you can control

During any real estate agent’s career, they’ll have other opportunities to consider. Some of the agents you hire will leave your team. That’s okay. Don’t dwell on those that decide to leave. Wish them well and stay focused on what you can control, like:

  • Adding value 
  • Career direction
  • Open communication
  • Being approachable

Ditching the forever mindset puts you in a position to focus on setting strong foundational values for establishing a long-term partnership and gives them what they need to be a successful agent.

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