Webb Group Real Estate joins The PLACE Network

Oklahoma City, OK; January 14, 2022 — PLACE, the industry’s only all-in-one real estate platform providing technology and services to top professionals for their businesses, announced today that Missy and Steve Webb and Webb Group Real Estate are now powered by PLACE.

Steve and Missy founded their company in 2013 after Steve left the public sector to become a real estate agent. Missy joined him full-time in the business in 2016, and together they have built a top-tier real estate business in their market. Since that time, they have helped 550 families in the Central Oklahoma area achieve the dream of home ownership and in 2021, they closed more than $29 million in volume and expanded their reach into Lawton/Ft Sill area.

The Webbs focus on building a community among current and former clients alike. They work to ensure that each client has the best experience in every real estate transaction, understands the process, and then stays connected to them for all their experiences of home ownership after the transaction through fun annual events and an active private Facebook group. “We have fun with our clients to keep them engaged with us – and we don’t take ourselves seriously,” explained Missy.  “They know we take our business seriously and not ourselves.”

The Webbs are excited to partner with PLACE as they grow and expand their business and the opportunities for their team. “We have not hit our potential yet and we believe that growth is beautiful.  We have a team that is passionate about growth for themselves and for each other,” said Missy.

Steve credits Missy as being the visionary and rainmaker for the Webb Group as well as the glue that holds the team together.  “It’s the vision that Missy casts that draws people to us and has allowed our business to grow the way it has,” said Steve.

And Webb Group Real Estate is ready to expand even more now that they are powered by PLACE. “We want to grow so that I can give more people a bigger world, more opportunities and more for their families. I almost felt like it would be out of integrity for me to know about PLACE and NOT join,” explained Missy.

“The Webbs are genuine and generous,” said Chris Suarez, Co-Founder of PLACE. “That desire to help others achieve their dreams both personally and professionally is one of the missions of PLACE and we are thrilled to call them partners.”

“Missy and Steve understand that growth requires change and they bring grit and humor to all that they do,” said Co-Founder Ben Kinney. “We are excited to grow with the Webbs and watch them transform their already successful business and touch even more lives.”