Successful real estate agent and coach Laura Swogger partners with PLACE to expand growth opportunities

Announcing a new partnership: Kimberlee Meserve and The Street Property Team are powered by PLACE.

“Developing a tailored strategic plan to achieve a successful outcome for our clients is very rewarding.”

Laura Swogger has built a real estate business from the ground up and is passionate about coaching others to great success in the real estate profession. Learn more about how she believes PLACE positions her to grow a more diversified team faster.

ROCHESTER, N.Y., April 2023 — PLACE, the industry’s only all-in-one business services and technology platform for top teams at any brokerage, announced today that Laura Swogger and The Strategic Partners Team, formerly known as The Laura Swogger Team, are now powered by PLACE. PLACE improves profitability and production to make running a real estate business easier.

As an elite agent and coach in the Greater Rochester and Finger Lakes Region of New York, Laura Swogger has taken full advantage of the real estate industry’s ability to help her fulfill her own destiny. Throughout her career over the past 18 years, Swogger has helped more than 600 clients with their real estate transactions and, over the past two years, her team has collectively closed over $38 million in volume through 203 homes.

Since day one, Swogger loved being a real estate professional. Building her business through purposeful and strategic planning, she has built a stellar reputation by educating herself on the marketplace and helping her clients think strategically to achieve their goals. “Real estate is about more than helping people buy and sell properties,” she explained. “It is about helping our clients achieve their dreams and the life they envision.”

A master at succeeding even when the outcome appears bleak, Swogger loves helping her clients see positive outcomes, particularly sellers who are disenchanted with poor past experiences. “This is what I love,” she explained. “Developing a tailored strategic plan to achieve a successful outcome for our clients is very rewarding.”

Swogger also has a passion for helping others launch and build their businesses, spending several years helping agents become more successful. She is proud to have been the first onsite productivity coach in the Upstate New York Region and even more proud to have helped numerous real estate professionals rank among the top one percent of agents in Greater Rochester. “The infrastructure wasn’t established yet so the opportunity to build a program from the ground up was immensely rewarding,” she explained. “It is awesome to watch others succeed and I am fortunate to have had many proud coaching moments.”

That willingness to help others combined with her goal to continue to develop her team led Swogger to PLACE. “I was intrigued when PLACE launched. I saw it as a tremendous opportunity for me and my team, so I immediately started to position the team to be a part of this partnership.” said Swogger. “I am excited to have partners with vast experience and a proven, second-to-none infrastructure in place. The Strategic Partners Team is thrilled to have even more opportunities for our clients by partnering with PLACE!”

Swogger envisions a team of strategic partners that work together for the common good. “The Strategic Partners Team includes residential, luxury, rental, and investment divisions with others coming soon to serve all of our clients’ real estate needs,” said Swogger. “We want our team members to achieve their wealth-building goals as we help our clients achieve theirs.” The transition from The Laura Swogger Team to The Strategic Partners Team underscores Swogger’s vision and commitment to strategic partnership, as Swogger enters her own strategic partnership with PLACE.

Announcing a new partnership: Kimberlee Meserve and The Street Property Team are powered by PLACE.

“I am excited to have partners with immense experience and a proven, second-to-none infrastructure in place.”

“Laura is an incredible coach and motivator,” said Ben Kinney, co-founder of PLACE. “Her energy and expertise backed with the systems and infrastructure of PLACE will make her unstoppable. Her skills within the PLACE framework will benefit all of us.”

“Laura has a servant heart and her willingness to help others grow and achieve their dreams is admirable,” said Chris Suarez, co-founder of PLACE. “Her team and clients will all receive even greater benefits through this partnership and I am delighted she has partnered with PLACE.”

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