Now powered by PLACE, Beth Samberg stands ready to double her business

Announcing a new partnership: Kimberlee Meserve and The Street Property Team are powered by PLACE.
Beth Samberg initially entered the industry to earn a little extra spending money and is now running a premiere real estate business. Read how this rockstar Realtor helps her clients’ dreams come true and why she has decided to partner with PLACE.

Philadelphia, PA, March 2022 — PLACE, an end-to-end real estate technology platform that partners exclusively with top real estate teams and brokerages, announced today that Beth Samberg and The Beth Samberg Team are now powered by PLACE.

Samberg has continuously earned honors as a top producer in the real estate industry and has received the Five Star Award from Philadelphia Magazine for the past 12 years. Throughout her career, she has helped more than 500 people buy and sell their homes, and in 2021, she closed more than $25 million in volume.

Samberg began her career in real estate as looking for a second home and pregnant with her second child. The agent she was working with her suggested she’d be a natural at real estate, so she earned her real estate license. Initially, she wasn’t interested in full-time work and was looking to earn extra spending money. Samberg made her first deals by networking with people she met while at the playground and playdates with her children.

In her first year, that spending money amounted to about $30,000 and the next year it almost doubled and grew from there. Samberg was a natural. “It was always a fit,” added Samberg. “Real estate just always made sense to me. I kind of fell into and it just … worked.” Soon her business grew and she began building an empire.

“Real estate just always made sense to me. I kind of fell into and it just … worked.”

Samberg’s straightforward and personable approach quickly won the loyalty of her clients, and referrals began pouring in. “I am honest with my clients and tell them how it is,” explained Samberg. “I listen and help them find solutions tailored uniquely to them.” Samberg and her team treat every client (and potential client) with exceptional care. “We understand that for our clients, buying a home is about their dreams. It is about how they feel when they walk through the front door and instantly envision their future unfolding there,” said Samberg. She also aims to treat each and every client with the same level of service, no matter their situation. “We work with people, not price points,” she explained. “You never know when that $900 a month renter you helped will introduce you to your first million-dollar buyer.”

Announcing a new partnership: Kimberlee Meserve and The Street Property Team are powered by PLACE.

“I have a lot of trust in PLACE. They are building something big enough to bring everyone along.”

Samberg is excited about what PLACE can do for her clients as well as the tremendous options for growth it will provide her agents. She describes her team as a hub and spokes, with her being the hub and all her agents as spokes in distinct geographical areas. “In the last three years I have hit my stride and have found the life I’ve always envisioned,” she explained. “I want my agents to also have that experience.” Over the next year, Samberg hopes to double the number of agents she has on her team as well as their overall production. “An individual team can only do so much for their clients and agents and PLACE provides more resources across the board,” she said.

Andrew Finch, the director of operations for The Beth Samberg Team (and her husband), appreciates the value proposition offered by PLACE. “The processes and backend that PLACE offers have already been proven to work,” he explained. “We look forward to being able to quickly onboard new agents, establish clear paths for those agents, offer more benefits, and take advantage of all the administrative tools.”

“Beth has achieved a level of success and abundance that is overflowing, and it is to her credit that her top priority at this point is helping her agents achieve that same level of success,” said Chris Suarez, Co-Founder of PLACE. “That philosophy truly is in alignment with PLACE and we welcome her and her team on board!”

“I have known and worked with Beth for many years – and she is the definition of a rockstar Realtor,” said Ben Kinney, Co-Founder of PLACE. “I’m not surprised that she is looking to double her business. She has a crazy amount of vision and I know that she is going to bring enthusiasm and a whole lot of fun to PLACE.”

“I have a lot of trust in PLACE,” said Samberg. “They are building something big enough to bring everyone along.”

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