Tadlock Brueggemann Real Estate joins the PLACE network

Bellingham, WA, November 22, 2021 — PLACE, the real estate industry’s only technology and business services platform that partners exclusively with top producers to empower business growth and profitability, announced today that Tadlock Brueggemann Real Estate is now powered by PLACE.

Since 2014, Tadlock Brueggemann Real Estate continues to stand out as a top-ranked business serving the St. Louis, Missouri metropolitan area. Under the leadership of Co-Founders Sarah Tadlock and John Brueggemann, the team will deliver the dream of homeownership to more than 230 families this year resulting in approximately $1.7 million in revenue.   

“Sarah and John have built a highly productive, values based business. We are thrilled they have selected PLACE to power the next phase of their growth,” PLACE Co-founder Ben Kinney said. “They are well established in the St. Louis area as real estate professionals and as people who give back to their community. This is very much aligned with PLACE.” 

Known for their unparalleled customer service and a relationship focused team, Tadlock and Brueggemann were attracted to PLACE’s technology platform. Seventy-five percent of agents’ tasks are automated so that they can spend more time with their buyers and sellers. 

Our team is relationship based. PLACE’s technology not only organizes our relationships, it is also tremendous leverage for our team members. They want to be in front of people, not at a desk. PLACE helps make that possible,” John Brueggemann said.

The defining decision to partner with PLACE stemmed from the intense focus on providing growth opportunities to their people. 

“We are looking for forever partners. We found that with PLACE and are now excited to provide that partnership to our current and future agents and employees. PLACE’s Leverage and Opportunity Models will help us attract top talent that has limitless growth and opportunities within our world while at the same time building the balance they deserve,” Sarah Tadlock said. “Once John and I saw the value PLACE has built, we simply couldn’t unlearn it. Joining PLACE became a no brainer.”

PLACE is powered by powerful partnerships. Sarah and John place a priority on people and partnership. That is who we are at PLACE. I am so honored to welcome them,” PLACE Co-founder Chris Suarez concluded.