The Monday Team Joins The PLACE Network

San Francisco, CA; January 4, 2022 — PLACE, a real estate technology business services platform that provides everything top professionals need for their business all in one place, announced today that The Monday Team is now powered by PLACE.

According to Team Owner Kerri Naslund-Monday, “There’s no place like PLACE to call home.”  This all-woman real estate business prides itself on the ability to be creative and think outside the box as they help people achieve what they may have previously thought were impossible real estate dreams in the East Bay area of San Francisco. In 2021, the Monday Team closed more than $85 million in volume helping more than 100 people achieve their homeownership dreams.

Naslund-Monday got into real estate early at the urging of her boss at a tattoo parlor where she was employed. Never believing that she could afford to buy real estate, she actually did hit her goal of home-ownership quickly and on her 25th birthday she received the keys to her first home, a bit of a fixer-upper turned “home sweet home.” Before she had finished remodeling that home, she was on to the next investment purchase and the rest is history. 

“Because of my story and understanding of how real estate can change your life, our team goes above and beyond to help others achieve their goals no matter where they are starting from,” explained Naslund-Monday. “And we love sliding into home base right at the 12th hour to get the deal done!”

Naslund-Monday is always looking for new options to help her clients in their real estate pursuits. She has embraced online bidding technology and has partnered with PLACE to ensure that she and her team are surrounded by the most forward thinkers of the real estate business. “These are my people,” explained Naslund-Monday. “I have been a student of the leaders of PLACE for years and I want my team to experience the same growth and camaraderie that comes with surrounding yourself with like-minded leaders.”

“Kerri and her team are independent free spirits that have built success their way,” said PLACE Co-Founder Chris Suarez. “That drive to be the best and find new ways to rise above the competition to improve life for her agents, her clients, and her community is the driving force behind PLACE and we are excited to have Kerri and her team on board.”

“Kerri’s leadership and belief that she can make a difference in the universe aligns perfectly with the mission of PLACE,” said PLACE Co-Founder Ben Kinney. “Her grit and drive for results has led her to the next step and we are thrilled that she chose to partner with PLACE.”