Misty Darling Partners with PLACE for New Phase of Growth

Announcing a new partnership: Kimberlee Meserve and The Street Property Team are powered by PLACE.

“While striving to be the best, why not partner with the best?”

Misty SOLD Team to elevate real estate services, gain ancillary businesses, training, and expansion support.

INDIANOLA, IA, May 2024 – PLACE, the real estate industry’s only all-in-one business services and technology platform for top teams at any brokerage, announced today that Misty Darling and Misty SOLD Team, formally known as The Misty SOLDwisch Home Selling Team, are now powered by PLACE. PLACE improves profitability and production to make running a real estate business easier.

Misty Darling, owner and operator of Misty SOLD Team, services Central Iowa including the Des Moines metro as well as surrounding counties. Last year, the team demonstrated significant achievement in real estate, with transactions reaching 424 units and a total volume of $102,000,000. Over the course of her career, Darling has sold an impressive 4000+ homes.

Entering the real estate industry in 2000, Darling brought a unique perspective from her background in technology and retail commission sales. “It’s amazing that real estate offers immense potential and the various ways you can apply yourself at different phases of your career,” Darling shared. Darling embarked on this journey, demonstrating that timing, indeed, is not always within our control, but our response to opportunities is. This marked the beginning of a robust career filled with growth, adaptation, and success.

Darling quickly made her mark as a significant force in the industry. Her early success was evidence of her ability to adapt and innovate. In 2007, amidst the turmoil of the economic downturn, Darling seized the opportunity to specialize in foreclosures and opened her own brokerage. This decision allowed her to thrive in a challenging market and laid the groundwork for her future team. The experience of managing a high volume of foreclosure sales honed her organizational skills and underscored the value of administrative support, which would become a cornerstone of her team-oriented approach. As Darling became a part of Radio and Television Experts (RATE), she had an opportunity to scale up by bringing other agents onto her team and putting her systems and admin team to work in a new capacity. Over the past 11 years, her leadership and team have thrived, leading them to become the top team in Central Iowa.

Darling realized that as her team kept hitting a similar – albeit very high – level of success. Perhaps she would benefit from bringing in a new partner with a fresh approach and different skills to catapult her past her current threshold. Recognizing PLACE as the real estate industry’s premier all-in-one business services and technology platform, Darling saw an opportunity. “I have seen Ben speak at different events and always been extremely impressed with the vision that he had of how real estate could be done,” Darling said. It was this vision that resonated deeply with her, aligning perfectly with her ambitious goals for her team and her business.

Announcing a new partnership: Kimberlee Meserve and The Street Property Team are powered by PLACE.
PLACE’s comprehensive suite of resources, including advanced technology, marketing tools, and unparalleled support in areas like coaching and talent acquisition, spoke directly to Darling’s desire to provide her team with every possible advantage. “Plugging into PLACE helps give me so much more potential,” she explained, underscoring her belief in leveraging PLACE’s infrastructure to not only streamline operations but also to empower her agents. They will benefit from intensive training programs, enhanced lead generation capabilities, and a supportive network designed to fast-track their success. The opportunity model will provide them with limitless growth options and the ability to earn benefits like health insurance, revenue share, and stock options. It will also empower her to expand her team’s services and reach. Through PLACE, Darling aims to broaden her team’s footprint, venturing into new markets with confidence, backed by robust support and shared expertise.

Furthermore, the partnership with PLACE promises to address a critical aspect of Darling’s vision: offering ancillary services. Ancillary services, including mortgage, title, escrow, and insurance, are essential components of the real estate transaction process, and the ability to provide these services seamlessly is a game-changer. “Ancillary businesses are something that I’ve always seen as being a natural progression of my business,” she noted. Darling understands the profound impact that offering a comprehensive suite of services can have on the client experience, simplifying and streamlining the journey. The beauty of partnering with PLACE lies in the platform’s ability to navigate the legal, regulatory, and financial complexities associated with these services. “I liked the idea of not having to just figure it all out myself, while partnering with the best,” Daling said, appreciating the significant value in being able to rely on PLACE’s expertise and infrastructure. PLACE offers the opportunity for agents to earn opportunities to invest in these ancillary services, which is another strong value proposition for Darling to offer her agents.

“We’re thrilled to have Misty and her team join PLACE,” Ben Kinney, co-founder of PLACE. “Their dedication to excellence and community impact is exactly what makes our partnership so promising. We can’t wait to see how together we’ll unlock the next level for her team.”

“Misty’s forward-thinking approach and commitment to her team’s growth perfectly align with PLACE’s mission,” Chris Suarez, co-founder of PLACE. “We are excited to support Misty and her team in reaching new heights.”

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