Carl Medford and The Medford Team build on a legacy of success and look to a PLACE partnership to power the future

Announcing a new partnership: Kimberlee Meserve and The Street Property Team are powered by PLACE.
Carl Medford has built a phenomenally successful business in the San Francisco Bay Area. Now, he aims to reach the next strata in real estate with PLACE.

San Francisco, CA; February, 2022 — PLACE, the industry’s only all-inclusive platform delivering intuitive technology and business services to top real estate professionals, announced today that Carl Medford and The Medford Team of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area are now powered by PLACE.

Medford, CEO of The Medford Team, entered the real estate through a series of serendipitous events. “I was winding down a long career of 24 years as a senior pastor of a large congregation in the East Bay,” explained Medford. “Just as I was retiring from the ministry, a friend called me with an idea.”

Medford’s friend was an asset manager, looking to diversify his clients’ investments, and was looking at real estate. Medford embraced the idea, earned his contractor and real estate licenses, and started flipping long before its heyday. He then reached out to his former congregation, letting all 600 families know about his transition into real estate, and from there, his business took off.

“I was operating a full-time construction business during the day and selling houses at night and on weekends,” he said. “I was nominated rookie of the year my first year. My wife was running the back-end of the business. It was a little crazy.” Medford soon decided it was time to focus full-time on real estate. In 2006, Michelle Daniel joined him as Director of Operations and together, they started building out a brand and a team that would “change the world one home at a time.”

“We are a turnkey organization that can take a property in distressed condition and transform it.”

Today, the Medford Team consistently ranks as one of the top real estate firms in the San Francisco Bay Area, closing more than $120 million in volume in 2021. Lifetime, they have served over 1,260 families. “We are a turnkey organization that can take a property in distressed condition and transform it,” said Medford. “We have an in-house transformation and construction department and we own our own staging company. Everything is seamless.”

Medford is also passionate about serving his community and, in 2021, his team contributed more than $100,000 to organizations that provide fresh starts, including housing, to those who need help. “We want to live gracefully and give generously,” explained Medford.

Announcing a new partnership: Kimberlee Meserve and The Street Property Team are powered by PLACE.

“We made the decision to grow the easy way.”

Medford and his team are at the zenith of the industry, and they aren’t done growing yet. “Organizations go through strata,” he explained. “When you get to a certain strata, you face a fundamental choice: Rebuild to move to the next strata or stay where you are and ultimately start declining.” Medford chose to rebuild and made the decision to do so alongside a partner. “We made the decision to grow the easy way,” Medford said. “It just made more sense to partner with someone like PLACE.”

“We knew that what got us where we are was not going to get us to the next level,” added Michelle Daniel. “We chose PLACE to partner with an organization that will support us through the next level of growth challenges all while creating value and opportunities for the entire team.” With ten people on their team, the benefits of a PLACE partnership become even more clear. Medford and Daniel look forward to receiving total support in all areas of team operations – finance, human resources, administration – along with a comprehensive package for each team member.

“Ben and I have been in industry masterminds and conversations with Carl for years, and we have so much respect for what he has built,” said Chris Suarez, Co-Founder of PLACE. “We are honored to have the opportunity to partner with him and his team in this next phase of growth for everyone.”

“We welcome Carl, Michelle, and the Medford Team to PLACE,” said PLACE Co-Founder Ben Kinney. “Carl’s background and commitment to achievement and philanthropy will reach even greater levels through this partnership with PLACE.”

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