Jason Munoz on strengthening community through home ownership and the power of a PLACE partnership

Announcing a new partnership: Kimberlee Meserve and The Street Property Team are powered by PLACE.

Jason Munoz and The Munoz Home Group of the South Puget Sound are now powered by PLACE. Learn how Munoz moved from an executive corporate job to being a top agent and why he believes in the power of partnership.

Olympia, WA; February 2022 — PLACE, the real estate industry’s only all-in-one technology and business services platform powering the top 20 percent of agents, announced today that Jason Munoz and The Munoz Home Group of the South Puget Sound area of Washington State are now powered by PLACE.

Munoz and his team are known for their big hearts and love for their community. On any given weekend, you might find them hosting a pizza date night for their clients, volunteering at the food bank, or even trying out the newest local food truck. They bring their full selves into their work, and that is also evident in their attentive client service, from the first meeting through closing and beyond as clients become friends who return for their next real estate need. For Munoz and his team, real estate is anything but transactional – it’s personal.

Before he entered real estate, Munoz was a corporate vice president in the cellular industry when he decided he had enough. He made the choice to pivot his career and do something for himself by earning his real estate license. “I was not that successful at the beginning,” admitted Munoz.

Joining a residential brokerage when he thought he wanted to do commercial real estate led him down a path he knew little about, but he learned over time and celebrated when he sold his first house in 2014.

“We want to increase wealth in homeownership so our community thrives.”

In his first years in the business, Munoz discovered the value of partnerships firsthand. He partnered with other brokers to learn from them and build a steady pipeline of business. After leveraging open houses as a lead source, he mastered the art and science of converting online buyer leads. His business grew so much that he soon realized it was time to start his own team.

Once Munoz took on the challenge of creating his own team, his real estate business boomed. “I wanted to create a culture that was motivated, fun, and encouraging but that provided enough structure and tools for my agents to be successful,” said Munoz. “We have a great time together but we also focus on wealth building and holding each other accountable.”

Over the past five years, he has built The Munoz Home Group of Puget Sound into one of the premier real estate businesses in the region. In 2021, they closed more than $60 million in volume, and since starting the business in 2013, he and his team have helped more than 600 families achieve their goal of home ownership.

Announcing a new partnership: Kimberlee Meserve and The Street Property Team are powered by PLACE.
Munoz, who describes his team as wealth advisors and problem solvers, attributes much of his success to focusing on clients and community. “We are not here to sell people anything. We bring value,” explained Munoz. “We want to increase wealth in homeownership so our community thrives.”

“The content, training, resources, and tools of PLACE will help us achieve our goals faster.”

He also prioritizes the goals and achievements of the people on his team. Munoz knew from experience that you can’t achieve great success without great partnerships – and so he turned to PLACE. For him, PLACE represents more opportunity for his people. “We can offer a value proposition that no one else can offer now,” Munoz said. “Our people will be happier. That’s important.”

Munoz sees a PLACE partnership as a vehicle to help him and his team achieve their goals in half or a third of the time it would have taken without. “I am very systematic and the content, training, resources, and tools of PLACE will help us achieve our goals faster,” he said. “I am passionate about home ownership and thrilled to partner with people who have the same vision or even a higher vision than I do … which is sometimes hard to find!”

Another motivating factor for partnering with PLACE was his desire to help others achieve great things. “When a member of my team buys their first new car, or buys investment property, or their first home, that is exciting to me,” Munoz explained. “They did the work but I helped and that is a good feeling.”

“It is inspiring to hear Jason talk about his desire for his team and his community to thrive,” said PLACE Co-Founder Chris Suarez. “We welcome him to PLACE and know that his spirit for service will continue to benefit his clients, his team, and his community.”

“We are thrilled to welcome Jason to PLACE,” said PLACE Co-Founder Ben Kinney. “His dedication to his team, his community, and to wealth building to benefit all is in perfect alignment with PLACE and I am excited to watch his team grow.”

Munoz has confidence that partnering with PLACE will help his team achieve their joint and individual goals faster than they could on their own. “Every team member has their own goal for their business and their personal life. We are very invested in our community and we look forward to being fully integrated with PLACE as we work to fulfill our mission of helping people build wealth through real estate.”

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