Now powered by PLACE, Tyson and Liz Bradley and Community Partner Group take giving back to the next level

Announcing a new partnership: Kimberlee Meserve and The Street Property Team are powered by PLACE.

Tyson and Liz Bradley wake up every day thinking about how they can give back to their community while growing their business. Read how they believe that partnering with PLACE is going to allow them to grow, dedicate more time and resources to their clients and community, and still have big lives of their own.

CHESAPEAKE, Va., June 2022 — PLACE, the industry’s only all-inclusive platform delivering intuitive technology and business services to top real estate professionals, announced today that the Community Partner Group is now powered by PLACE. PLACE partners with leading real estate teams, regardless of brokerage, in more than 100 locations across the United States and Canada.

The Community Partner Group, owned and led by Tyson and Liz Bradley, is an elite real estate team serving the Coastal Virginia and North Carolina (Hampton Roads, Moyock, Currituck, and the Outer Banks) market. The team is consistently recognized for its exceptional sales as well as its outstanding service to clients. In 2021, they closed $39 million in volume through 98 transactions and facilitated 55 agent-to-agent referrals through their extensive network of real estate professionals.

“We both have a heart to give back.”

Tyson, who previously served in the CIA, was working as a technology consultant under contract with the U.S. Navy in the Virginia Beach area. He fell in love with the community and in 2003, decided to buy a house there. With parents in the real estate business and a few courses already under his belt, Tyson earned his real estate license so he could personally handle his home purchase.

He had no intention of making a career of real estate, but opportunity started knocking. The Virginia Beach area is home to seven military installations and with large Navy contracts being fulfilled, people were constantly moving in and out of the area. “Once the people in human resources learned that I had a real estate license, they started sending new people to me,” said Tyson, who maintained his technology consulting job for several years while selling real estate on the side.

In 2006, Tyson’s success in real estate combined with his desire to make some changes professionally, drove him to a full-time real estate career. He earned his broker’s license and started his own brokerage, where he found success but not satisfaction. “By 2008, my business was frantic and I was not enjoying the work at all,” he explained. “The economy was tanking and I wanted to get back in sales which is what I enjoyed about the business.” So, he sold his business and started fresh by partnering with a local brokerage.

Announcing a new partnership: Kimberlee Meserve and The Street Property Team are powered by PLACE.
Liz, a native of Hampton Roads, knew she wanted to be a Realtor after a challenging home buying experience convinced her she could do better. After many years of running a successful childcare business, Liz took the plunge into real estate, obtaining her license in 2013. “I knew I wanted to help people not go through what I had gone through,” she explained. “My boys were my priority, so I waited until they were older to get my license. I am grateful for my career in childcare, though, because it really helped jump start my career in real estate.”

Liz joined Tyson’s team in 2017. “I had a great run with my previous brokerage,” she said. “I was successful on my own and really thought long and hard before I made the change. Joining the team not only gave me the opportunity to take on a leadership role but also allowed me to do more for my community.”

Liz and Tyson were married in 2018 and the two have found a match in life and in business. “We both have a heart to give back,” explained Tyson. “We partner with charities throughout the year and step in to help individuals in our community in need.” In fact, the two are so committed to their philanthropic efforts, they formed a non-profit. Their organization partners with other nonprofits and businesses and focuses on speed and ease – ensuring people get the assistance they need quickly and making it as easy as possible to donate.

Recently, a local veteran who lost his legs moved to their area and needed an accessible home. “Our nonprofit partnered with a local builder to pay for and build a ramp so this hero could easily access his home,” explained Liz. “The builder is a past client and active Navy, who also has a big heart to give. He often reaches out to us when he sees an unmet need that we can potentially fulfill.”

“The systems and tools of PLACE will allow us to grow and give us our time back.”

Tyson and Liz give their all to their business, nonprofit, and clients. This devotion turns every client into not only a client for life, but a friend, and has spurred massive growth in their business. “We care about people,” explained Tyson. “We want to help not only with real estate but in all areas of their lives. At the same time, we also want to prioritize our family and our relationship.” Tyson and Liz made the decision to partner with PLACE to grow further, faster and help as many people as possible all while getting back the most precious resource of all – time. “The systems and tools of PLACE will allow us to grow and give us our time back,” explained Tyson.

Not looking to reinvent the wheel, Tyson and Liz are eager to adopt the proven models and systems of PLACE. “With PLACE all we have to do is plug in,” said Tyson. The couple is also looking forward to the recruiting, training, and onboarding value proposition offered. “I believe the onboarding, systems, tools, accountability, and benefits of PLACE are going to help us get to a place where we have bigger lives and are helping a lot more people than we can today,” said Liz. “With PLACE, we are going to build the right team with the right agents.”

“Tyson and Liz are exceptional human beings with big hearts,” said Chris Suarez, co-founder of PLACE. “Partnership will allow them to build more leverage, help even more people, and give back to their community. We are so inspired by these two and are thrilled they have partnered with PLACE.”

“Liz and Tyson are an outstanding, inspiring team and we welcome them to PLACE,” said Ben Kinney, co-founder of PLACE. “Their enthusiasm for helping others and their big vision is remarkable. We can’t wait to watch this unstoppable team continue to grow in partnership with PLACE.”

“Once we started learning about all that PLACE offers, we never looked back,” said Tyson. “We feel strongly that our philosophies align. We really believe that these tools and systems are going to allow us to grow our business and live the biggest life possible. And every day will be a new opportunity to pay it forward and give back to the community.”

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