Noah and Heather Kragerud and Ark Realty Group go full steam ahead with PLACE

Announcing a new partnership: Kimberlee Meserve and The Street Property Team are powered by PLACE.

“Honesty and integrity are our hallmarks – not just with our clients but with other agents as well.”

Heather and Noah Kragerud have built a tremendous business through a fusion of his sales and leadership skills and her operational prowess. Learn more about how PLACE is going to help Ark Realty Group amplify their growth and navigate a new path to the top.

PORTLAND, Ore., June 2022 — PLACE, the industry’s only all-inclusive platform delivering intuitive technology and business services to top real estate professionals, announced today that Heather and Noah Kragerud and Ark Realty Group are now powered by PLACE. PLACE partners with leading real estate teams, regardless of brokerage, in more than 100 locations across the United States and Canada.

Noah, who has sold more than 600 homes since he was licensed in 2011, consistently ranks in the top one percent of all Portland-Metro Realtors. His wife, Heather, joined the business in 2014 and serves as the operations manager for Ark Realty Group. The two have built an elite real estate team by leaning into their unique skill sets and focusing on different parts of the business. Noah specializes in sales and client service and Heather in managing business strategy and operations

Noah, whose career background consists of everything from construction to telecommunications, started in real estate in 2011. Entering a still-recovering market, he sold only seven homes the first year he was licensed but then began to pick up steam the following year, selling 25 homes. His business continued to grow exponentially from there – he tripled his transactions during his third year. Soon after, Heather joined Noah to run the backend of the real estate business and together, their business thrived.

The two settled on the name Ark Realty Group after several focus groups failed to come up with anything distinctive. “At the last minute somebody suggested Ark Realty Group, and as a ‘Noah’ I was not enthusiastic,” explained Noah. “When I saw the logo and the group voted, I knew that the decision was final. I have definitely come to love the name in spite of all the memories of my sister following me around the house yelling songs about Noah and the Ark.”

Noah built his business on online leads and is grateful that many of those original clients have continued to return for other real estate needs and have consistently referred their friends and family. While Noah acknowledged that those first days were filled with “systemized winging it,” Heather explained that over time they adopted crucial business-building skills including growing their database and consistent follow up.

Noah and Heather were both born in the area where they still live and work and their priority is to offer the best advice and customer service possible to their clients. Their slogan, “Let’s Bring You Home,” is a testament to their servant hearts and desire to help each of their clients find the perfect house to make a home. “We want to do the right thing for all of our clients,” explained Heather. “Honesty and integrity are our hallmarks – not just with our clients but with other agents as well.”

Announcing a new partnership: Kimberlee Meserve and The Street Property Team are powered by PLACE.

“PLACE is going to get us where we want to be, faster.”

The Ark Realty Group had a banner year in 2021 and Heather is certain that joining PLACE will ensure that 2022 will be an even better year. “Every year I want to push forward and improve on the previous year,” she explained. “I believe that we need to do something different to grow and PLACE offers all the tools to make that expansion a reality. It’s really a way to fast-track our vision.”

Noah is excited about the onboarding and training of new team members available through PLACE. “We want to build a team that stays for the long term and PLACE offers the tools, systems, and benefits to make that a reality,” he said. “We’d love to expand our coverage area and open satellite offices. We are definitely looking to grow.”

“Heather, Noah and Ark Realty Group are an ideal team to grow within PLACE,” said Chris Suarez, co-Founder of PLACE. “I am excited to watch them capitalize on the success they’ve already experienced and take full advantage of what this partnership offers. I am eager to watch their sales, opportunity, and team flourish.”

“Noah is an exceptional salesman and Heather is an organizational and operational guru,” said Ben Kinney, co-Founder of PLACE. “Together, they truly are a real estate powerhouse. I can’t wait to watch these two achieve all they envision for Ark Realty Group.”

“PLACE is going to get us where we want to be, faster,” said Noah. “We want to spend more time with our family and build a big life for ourselves all while growing our business and we truly believe PLACE is going to help us achieve that vision.”

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