For balance, leverage, and more, California’s The Rachel Adams Lee Group partners with PLACE

Announcing a new partnership: Kimberlee Meserve and The Street Property Team are powered by PLACE.

“As a working mom & a business owner, it can be a lot of pressure. With PLACE, I found the support I’ve been looking for. The future is exciting I’m partnering with the best in the industry!”

Rachel Adams Lee and Ryan Lee find a partnership that helps “scale the business and be more profitable.”

ROSEVILLE, Calif., October 2023 — PLACE, the industry’s only all-in-one business services and technology platform for top real estate teams at any brokerage, announced today that Rachel Adams Lee, Ryan Lee, and The Rachel Adams Lee Group are now powered by PLACE. PLACE improves profitability and production to make running a real estate business easier.

Top agent Rachel Adams Lee is a third-generation Realtor® and founder of The Rachel Adams Lee Group, serving Northern California. This elite team has been ranked as a Top 1000 Team in the country for the last eight years on RealTrends’ America’s Best Teams list.

Rachel is a coach, author, social media expert, and industry speaker, who has been featured in several publications, including Inman News and the Wall Street Journal. She leads her team alongside her husband, Ryan, who is the team’s president and productivity coach. Before starting his real estate career, Ryan was a mechanical engineer for 17 years. He now manages the “numbers” part of the real estate business and works with agents to help them achieve professional and personal goals.

In 2012, Rachel’s family and friends advised her not to enter the real estate industry, but she went on, knocking on 200 doors and holding three open houses weekly. After four months of consistently showing up, Rachel made her first sale. “It was an intense time in my life,” she said. “My ‘why’ for doing this was so much bigger than any excuse I could come up with, so I kept at it.”

Rachel sold 39 houses as a first-year agent, 109 in the second year, and 123 in the third year. “I was in a really difficult place in my life when I became a Realtor®,” said Rachel. “I decided that real estate was going to be the platform I use to achieve all my dreams.”

Rachel’s dreams included having a family. When people suggested she decide between a family and a career, she refused that idea. “Now, I run a top team in the country, I am married to the hottest man in America, and we have three beautiful boys,” Rachel said. “Life is good.”

While Rachel has built a successful team of innovators, business-building has had its challenges. “It was a bit of a heart-wrenching journey in the beginning,” she said. “I learned how to show up as a leader and that a team can only be successful if standards for all parties are really clear.” But even as success built, Rachel was the person on the team who everybody came to for answers. “I was the person who answered the phone, led the training, and did the script practices,” she said. “I actually ended up having three kids in the last four years — that will get your priorities straight!”

Looking for leverage and a way to operate more efficiently led them to PLACE. “I genuinely believe that this partnership with PLACE will give us balance so we can spend more time with our kids, all while helping us grow and support our team so they can do more deals. Ultimately, PLACE is going to make us better leaders,” said Rachel. “I need a partner that can help me scale the business and be more profitable. PLACE will elevate us because we will be surrounded by the best people in the industry.”

They look forward to plugging their team into a network of top real estate agents and connecting with other PLACE Partners like themselves. “As a business owner, the fact that PLACE gives us so much support blows my mind,” said Rachel. “The future is exciting because I no longer have to do this alone. PLACE is a huge organization and growing every day, but it also has a very personal connection.” Rachel is especially thrilled to have PLACE support for talent attraction tools and new agent training. “The human resources, legal, coaching and training, marketing, and retirement options are all incredible,” she said. “The more time we spend learning about PLACE, the more value we uncover.”

Ryan is eager to plug himself and his agents into PLACE’s extensive agent network. “PLACE is disrupting the entire industry,” said Ryan. “There is nothing like it. PLACE offers the best systems and best practices with no limitations as partners — not competitors — with the best Realtors® in the country.”

“Rachel and Ryan are innovators who work hard to stay on the cutting edge of their business,” said Ben Kinney, co-founder of PLACE. “They are savvy, smart, and know what they want, and PLACE will help them achieve their goals for building a big life and business.”

“Rachel identified her ‘why’ for building business years back, and she continues to stay connected, not only to professional goals but to success in her personal life and community,” said Chris Suarez, co-founder of PLACE. “PLACE will be the leverage she and Ryan are looking for to grow in all areas of their life while they help others do the same.”

Announcing a new partnership: Kimberlee Meserve and The Street Property Team are powered by PLACE.

“It can be difficult for agents to think about real estate as a business rather than individual transactions. PLACE creates expectations and accountability up front, which makes training and implementation easier thanks to mutual buy-in from the outset.”

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