Chasity and Jim Rosales hit the jets with a PLACE partnership

Announcing a new partnership: Kimberlee Meserve and The Street Property Team are powered by PLACE.
Chasity and Jim Rosales had successful military careers prior to becoming real estate professionals. Read about their journey and why they believe the people, systems, and support of PLACE will help them accelerate their business to the next level.

El Paso, Texas, August 2022 — PLACE, the all-in-one platform delivering intuitive technology and business services to top real estate professionals, announced today that Chasity and Jim Rosales and Preferred Closing Specialists are now powered by PLACE. PLACE partners with leading real estate agents, regardless of brokerage, in 100-plus locations across the United States and Canada.

Charismatic, full of energy, and passionate about helping others, Chasity Rosales is an elite real estate professional serving the greater El Paso area. Since she earned her license in 2015, she has helped more than 900 families achieve their real estate goals. As a team, Preferred Closing Specialists sold 217 units representing $49 million in sales volume in 2021 alone.

“Real estate was all I had – and I had to make it work.”

Born into a construction family, her uncle owned a local builders’ supply store, another uncle built cabinets, another laid floors, and her dad was a painter. “I would paint houses with my dad in the summer,” Chasity remembered. “We would be painting a really nice house and he would tell me that real estate is the only place to make real money.” Her mother, on the other hand, encouraged her to apply to college and invest in her education. Little did she know, she would pursue both.

When an Army recruiter showed up at her high school, Chasity was intrigued and 26 years later, she reflects on a very successful military career. She leveraged the Army and followed her mother’s advice to earn a Master of Arts Degree in Mental Health Counseling. Additionally, she has held various Army outreach positions, helping enlisted and reserve military members access community resources, culminating in her selection and promotion to Command Sergeant Major, the highest enlisted pay grade she can achieve. Throughout her career, she had considered earning her real estate license, and when both she and her husband Jim found themselves furloughed in 2014 during a government reduction in force, she knew the time had come. “We were both furloughed and we had four kids,” she said. “I just sat in my car and cried wondering what we were going to do. Real estate was all I had – and I had to make it work. So I picked myself up and said, ‘Let’s go.’”

Announcing a new partnership: Kimberlee Meserve and The Street Property Team are powered by PLACE.

“Partnering with PLACE is the rocket fuel we need to create an even bigger vision for our lives.”

Chasity credits her military experience with her quick success. “I am naturally a connector of people,” she said. “I knew a lot of military people so after six months my business was rolling along.” It was rolling along so well that Chasity was named rookie of the year, selling 38 houses her first year in business. It took Jim a little longer to make the jump into real estate but as Chasity’s success continued, he made the decision to join her. He also earned rookie of the year honors his first year, but ultimately decided to manage the operations of their team – Preferred Closing Specialists.

“We focus on education, communication, and customer service,” explained Jim. “We are fanatical about customer service, not just for the client but for every single person who has any role in every transaction – from the title company, to the contractor, to the agent on the other side of the table. Everyone deserves an incredible experience.” As one of the top teams in their office, Jim is excited about the idea of working with the caliber of people who are PLACE partners. “The level of knowledge and expertise is amazing and everyone that is part of PLACE is fabulous,” he said. “It can be frustratingly lonely at the top and it truly feels like we have found the community where we belong.”

Chasity believes she was destined to work with PLACE and credits a higher power and a lot of hard work on her part for aligning the stars for this moment. “I have known since 2015 that I would eventually be business partners with Ben. Our team has worked and grown and kept going and I feel my team deserves this opportunity,” Chasity explained. She is also eager for her team members – many of whom are veterans – to build long-term wealth for themselves and their families. “We were at a point where we either stay where we are and have a good living or we join PLACE, take advantage of its systems and processes, and hit the jets,” she said. “Partnering with PLACE is the rocket fuel we need to create an even bigger vision for our lives.”

“Chasity is an unstoppable force,” said Ben Kinney, co-founder of PLACE. “I am honored that she has chosen to partner with PLACE and know that with her energy and enthusiasm she is going to rock whatever goals she has set for herself and her team.”

“Chasity and Jim are a phenomenal team and we welcome them to PLACE,” said Chris Suarez, co-founder of PLACE. “We admire their many years of service, the outstanding way in which they serve their community, and the business that they have built. We are excited to grow alongside them.”

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