The KREN Group led by CEO Pedro Casanova joins the PLACE Network

Bellingham, WA; July 12, 2021 – PLACE, a tech-enabled real estate platform that partners exclusively with top producers to empower business growth and profitability, announced today that The KREN Group is now powered by PLACE.

The KREN Group, which is headquartered in Miami, FL has helped more than 400 clients buy or sell homes since it launched in 2015. In 2020 alone, the business produced more than $22 million in sales. CEO Pedro Casanova has more than a decade of experience in the real estate industry, starting his real estate career in wholesale mortgage lending before building his sales empire. Casanova has selected PLACE to propel the next phase of his business growth. 

After building a business that is now #1 in his brokerage, Casanova sought opportunities to collaborate with business owners who are also at the top of their market, have achieved more success than The KREN Group, face the same challenges, and are growing at a rapid pace. He also searched to identify more value for the real estate agents in his group. The result of this exploration was the decision to join PLACE. 

“While PLACE provides the blueprint to scale a profitable business, more importantly, it provides incredible value for my people that will impact their results beyond what I would be able to give them without partnership,” Casanova said. 

He continued, “I believe in the concept that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. As a business owner, I know that collaborating with the more than 60 business owners who are part of the PLACE platform will elevate our business, service to clients, and leadership to our team.” 

“The KREN Group has a track record of success earning 3% more money for their sellers and selling homes 11 days faster than their closest competitors. They will bring tremendous value to our network,” PLACE Co-Founder Chris Suarez said. “As The KREN Group plugs into the PLACE models, systems and consumer experience, we look forward to enhancing what they are most known for — delivering a ‘wow’ experience for their clients.” 

Casanova’s passion and what differentiates his business from others in his market is helping first time home buyers understand the home buying process and achieve their goals of becoming a homeowner. 

Born in Nicaragua, Casanova lived in Panama before moving to Miami. As he grew in the real estate industry and realized the difference in the net worth of a homeowner versus that of a tenant, he became transfixed on using real estate as a vehicle to impact the course of his clients’ financial future and fulfilling the American Dream that is close to his heart. 

“Delivering the dream of homeownership is what we do at The KREN Group. We have the opportunity to not only change our clients’ financial future but to truly change generational trends,” Casanova explained. “We are impacting kids and grandkids by shifting the way they view homeownership.” 

“PLACE’s mission is ‘Delivering the dream of homeownership and building experiential lives,’” PLACE Co-founder Ben Kinney said. “I have known Pedro for a few years. The alignment of missions are equally as powerful as our synergies on business growth through technology and systems.”