Cheryl Dare “Kerr,” Tim Kerr, and Kerr Living are values-driven, leading with culture, and powered by PLACE

Announcing a new partnership: Kimberlee Meserve and The Street Property Team are powered by PLACE.
Cheryl Dare “Kerr” and Tim Kerr, after both building successful careers on their own, recently brought their lives and their businesses together to great effect. Learn why this driven and family-focused couple believes PLACE provides the framework for a business with no limitations and a deeply rewarding life.

SEWELL, N.J., June 2022 — PLACE, the industry’s only all-inclusive platform delivering intuitive technology and business services to top real estate professionals, announced today that Kerr Living is now powered by PLACE. PLACE partners with leading real estate teams, regardless of brokerage, in more than 100 locations across the United States and Canada.

Kerr Living, owned and led by couple Tim Kerr and Cheryl Dare “Kerr,” is a top-performing real estate team serving South Jersey (part of the Greater Philadelphia market). Prior to partnering in life and business, each experienced massive success individually, and have found even more after marrying and founding Kerr Living in 2021.

“Together, we’re a powerful force and our family is our core now.”

Cheryl, a finance major in college, worked her way up the ladder at a mortgage company before jumping into real estate in 2006. “I was interested in investing and deals began to fall in my lap because I was a Realtor,” she explained. “It just continued to grow from there.”

Tim worked in construction during college, which eventually led to a successful career in the IT sector for a large manufacturing company. “I developed my communication skills and business acumen there,” he explained. “I enjoyed my time there, but I soon realized that tech was not my passion and I decided to explore different opportunities within the real estate industry.” Focused primarily on investing with an interest in building homes, he earned his license to further that pursuit. “I am a hands on, nuts and bolts person,” Tim explained. “I had no intention of being a salesperson, but as I got into it, I realized I was pretty good at selling and that became my career and vehicle for investing.” Tim earned Rookie of the Year his first year in production and quickly built a thriving business.

“The substance of PLACE – what’s being brought to the table – is everything that’s lacking in the industry.”

Announcing a new partnership: Kimberlee Meserve and The Street Property Team are powered by PLACE.
After also building a massively successful real estate business and team, in 2017, a life changing event altered the course of Cheryl’s career. After turning on her heater one evening and going to sleep, she nearly died of carbon monoxide poisoning. The next day, when her sister had not heard from her, she went to Cheryl’s house, broke a window and found her unconscious. She was flown to the hospital and narrowly survived. “It was a traumatic experience,” she explained. “Before the accident, my business was absolutely everything. I had no husband and no kids. Once I recovered, I reassessed everything.”

Tim, who had joined the office where Cheryl worked after she recruited him there, found the culture within his team was not what he wanted it to be. At the time, Tim and Cheryl were just close friends and business confidants. “After Cheryl had her experience, I also began to question what I wanted to do,” explained Tim. “My business was successful, we were very profitable, but I realized my culture was not in alignment with where I wanted to go.” Following Cheryl’s lead, he reassessed everything and both decided it was time for a fresh start.

The two began dating, soon married, and decided to join together in business. “This was a big step for both of us,” said Cheryl. “We both took a step back, figured out our goals, and are set to grow our team even further together than we were able to independently.” Establishing goals together has allowed them to go all in – both personally and professionally. “It’s been a long path to get on this road,” said Tim. “Together, we’re a powerful force and our family is our core now.”

Recently, the couple has created a new vision for their real estate business and found that PLACE fit perfectly into it. “PLACE is going to give us the leverage we need to grow our business,” explained Cheryl. “We are able to truly deliver a value proposition to bring in people onto our team – to give them training, coaching, health insurance, wealth-building opportunities, everything.” Tim sees PLACE as filling a gap of services and support that is sorely needed. “We feel like we’ve plugged into the right place,” said Tim. “The culture of PLACE is awesome. The substance of PLACE – what’s being brought to the table – is everything that’s lacking in the industry.”

Additionally, the couple believes that partnering with PLACE will allow them to build a business all while maintaining priorities at home. “PLACE provides the value that will help our team, our clients, and us as we seek to prioritize our family while growing our business,” said Cheryl.

“We are so humbled to welcome Tim and Cheryl to PLACE,” said PLACE co-founder Chris Suarez. “Hearing their story makes all of us take a moment to consider what we have, what we want, and where we are going. Their focus and growth mindset is going to lead to incredible things for themselves, their family, their clients, and their team.”

“This couple understands what matters most in life and in business,” said Ben Kinney, co-founder of PLACE. “Their enthusiasm, expertise, and values are in alignment with PLACE, and together, we are going to grow exponentially.”

“PLACE came into our business at the perfect time,” said Tim. “We believe that we can grow with no ceilings or limitations as we put the right systems in place and recruit the right people.”

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