John Garuti to Gain Unmatched Growth and Efficiency

Announcing a new partnership: Kimberlee Meserve and The Street Property Team are powered by PLACE.

“Partnering with PLACE is like a shortcut to everything my business needs now but would take me five or more years to build myself.”

PLACE and Team John Garuti forge a partnership to harness the power of all-in-one real estate services, setting a new benchmark in Babcock Ranch and surrounding areas.

BABCOCK RANCH, Fla., April 2024 — PLACE, the real estate industry’s only all-in-one business services and technology platform for top teams at any brokerage, announced today that John Garuti and Team John Garuti are now powered by PLACE. PLACE improves profitability and production to make running a real estate business easier.

John Garuti, owner and operator of Team John Garuti, services Babcock Ranch and the surrounding areas. Last year, the team achieved remarkable success, selling an impressive number of homes, marking a significant milestone in their journey.

John Garuti’s foray into real estate was sparked by a unique revelation upon his move to Babcock Ranch, a master-planned community in Florida, back in 2019. “I wasn’t even thinking about real estate, but when I was told I was the 347th homeowner here, the light bulb went on. I saw a massive opportunity to build my name and my team,” Garuti recalls.

The formation of Team John Garuti was a testament to John’s vision and hard work, particularly highlighted during the challenging year of 2020. “My first full year in real estate, I sold 42 homes, and by the next, I did 72 sales myself,” Garuti proudly stated. This rapid growth was not just in numbers but in building a brand recognized for specializing in new construction and leveraging innovative lead generation strategies like YouTube channels and Facebook groups.

The decision to partner with PLACE was driven by a desire to leverage their comprehensive support to address specific business challenges and accelerate growth. “PLACE fills this void in my business that I knew I had. The systems, accountability, and the leverage that PLACE brings excites me because they empower me to help my agents grow and develop,” Garuti explained. With PLACE, Garuti and his team are acquiring knowledge and gaining a system and support network meticulously designed to ensure success, eliminating the trial and error that often accompanies business growth. Garuti is particularly optimistic about the comprehensive suite of resources and benefits that the partnership with PLACE offers, aiming to revolutionize the way his team operates and grows. “Partnering with PLACE is like a shortcut to everything my business needs now but would take me five or more years to build myself,” Garuti reflected.

This partnership grants him immediate access to PLACE’s proprietary technology, a launch program for rapid agent onboarding and success, health insurance options, and a solid career growth path for his agents – including stock options and revenue sharing. Additionally, the coaching and education provided by PLACE are of unparalleled quality, tailored to both new and experienced agents. He is particularly enthusiastic about the potential to attract more experienced agents, stating, “Partnered with PLACE, I’ll really be able to leverage all the value we’ve acquired through the partnership when recruiting and hiring more experienced and successful agents.”

“We’re excited to have John Garuti and his team on board. Their impressive track record in Babcock Ranch and dedication to their community make them a perfect fit for PLACE,” Ben Kinney, co-founder of PLACE. “We’re excited to support them in leveraging our technology and systems to help streamline their operations and boost their growth even further. We’re looking forward to watching them expand their reach and grow.”

“John Garuti and his team embody the entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to client service that we at PLACE highly value,” said Chris Suarez, co-founder of PLACE. “This partnership will transform the real estate landscape in Babcock Ranch and beyond. It’s a privilege to work alongside such forward-thinking professionals.”

Announcing a new partnership: Kimberlee Meserve and The Street Property Team are powered by PLACE.

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