Brittany Purcell & Associates joins the PLACE network

Bellingham, WA, August 9, 2021 – PLACE, a tech-enabled real estate platform that partners exclusively with top producers to empower business growth and profitability, announced today that Brittany Purcell & Associates is now powered by PLACE.

Entering the market over a decade ago, Brittany Purcell & Associates has become a shining beacon of the community in northeast Georgia. Along with being a trusted resource for buyers and sellers in Athens and the surrounding areas, including Clarke, Jackson, and Banks Counties, the full-service real estate firm takes pride in its community involvement, giving back, and creating value—the heart of everything they do. In 2020, the group helped 165 families find their homes—and has served more than 900 families over the years.

Founded by Brittany Purcell, Brittany Purcell & Associates is experiencing growth year after year. While community, connection, and authenticity drive the ambitious group of real estate professionals, the team also stands out in the marketplace with its data and technology-driven approach, strong negotiation skills, and stellar service, resulting in high customer satisfaction. In addition to the residential and commercial side of the business, Brittany Purcell & Associates also has a luxury homes division and a full-service property management division.

“We have known Brittany for many years and have admired her business a great deal. The team’s dedication to serving their community in an impactful, tangible way is impressive and inspiring. We are proud to welcome Brittany as a partner and honored to call her a friend,” PLACE Co-Founder Chris Suarez said. 

Partnering with PLACE empowers Brittany Purcell & Associates to build upon success with best-in-class training, technology, and other benefits. “It was truly clear from the beginning how much everyone at PLACE has similar values and drive—and that is just an intangible feeling. I couldn’t believe how much value is here for my team. Presenting this to them was easy because of the unlimited growth, the benefits to them, and ability to create new income and leadership opportunities across the board,” said Brittany Purcell. 

As for what stands out, she explained, “I am most excited about the 90-Day Launch for new agents and imagining how much faster we can grow and how much value that adds to agents joining our team. Plus, being able to create opportunities for my people, that is everything to me. The health insurance is also huge and can help with the medical costs of people on my team who may need it. This will be the first time we’ve been able to offer anything like that.”

“Brittany has built a strong business with great agents. We look forward to helping them catapult their growth and opportunity even further,” PLACE Co-Founder Ben Kinney said.