Apollo Property Group led by Cody Cummings and Paul Mielke joins the PLACE network

Bellingham, WA; July 16, 2021 — PLACE, a tech-enabled real estate platform that partners exclusively with top producers to empower business growth and profitability, announced today that Apollo Property Group is now powered by PLACE.

Based in Birmingham, AL, Apollo Property Group was co-founded by Cody Cummings and Paul Mielke in 2019. The team members have collectively served more than 1,000 households. In 2020, the group facilitated more than 130 real estate transactions through a combination of primary market sales, market acquisition and wholesale that includes flipping. 

While Apollo Property Group has experienced rapid growth, Cummings and Mielke have partnered with PLACE because the backend systems, technology, marketing and training will provide the infrastructure to expand their business beyond Birmingham, across all of Alabama.

“PLACE will bring structure to our salesforce that we do not have right now,” Mielke said. “The systems and training will be of tremendous value to our agents and will empower them to grow their own businesses. The relationships with other top producers and the opportunities PLACE provides for our agents — and us — is a win that is not limited to just sales.”

Cummings echoed Mielke’s thoughts about how the synergies with other top producers and PLACE’s leadership team will impact their business success. 

“In addition to the relationships with the top producers from across North America who are part of PLACE, we were attracted to PLACE’s leadership team,” Cummings explained. “PLACE’s values mirror ours and provide us with the ability to see, do and become the business owners that we want to be for our people and for our clients.”

“The more we got to know Cody and Paul, it became clear that they will truly ‘carry the flag’ for PLACE in Alabama, and I suspect, well beyond the state’s borders,” PLACE Co-founder Chris Suarez said. “We are proud to play a role in building that legacy.” 

Being client centric, Cummings and Mielke are laser focused on driving value to the consumer through value to their agents. PLACE’s consumer experience was also a driving factor for the partnership. 

“Many companies offer various components that are part of PLACE’s value stack — systems, technology, marketing, consumer experience,” Cummings said. “The one thing that PLACE does that no one else is doing is getting into business with only top producers through a true partnership. That differentiation results in the consistent consumer experience and unbeatable synergies across all PLACE markets. We want to be a part of that!” 

“Paul and Cody view the industry similar to how we view the industry. Their readiness to plug into PLACE and leverage the value to their agents and clients will make them unstoppable,” PLACE Co-founder Ben Kinney shared. “We are excited to make a positive impact on Alabama consumers.”