2021 End of Year Letter

December 31, 2021


As we ended last year and headed into 2021 we knew that having a PLACE to call home was a more present need in the world than ever before.  That need become our mission.  And that mission turned into our promise.  

We promised to create a PLACE where top agents could build businesses that they loved.

Businesses that they loved because of the value they were able to deliver to their customers and because of the people they got to work with every day.

Businesses that they loved because of the dreams they delivered every time they did their job and because of the experiential lives they created along the way.

Businesses that they loved because of what their profit allowed them to do and what giving it away allowed them to feel.

In 2021 we woke up every day – and I mean every single day – with a fire to build and improve simple solutions for the real estate industry.   More so we woke up with an undying energy for those at the center of the industry – the real estate professional.  Our partners.

We did this because we made some promises to you, to the industry, and to our customers.  

We promised to make running a real estate business easier and more fun.  We promised to reduce friction in the home buying and selling process.  We promised to get into business with incredible humans first, and incredible talent second.  We promised to help create millionaires and build experiential lives while doing it.  We promised to win, to make, and to give.  We promised to earn the right to partner with each of you every day.  

Those are big promises.  And we are promise keepers. 

The performance of our agents speaks to a culture of promises kept while validating the PLACE platform itself.  In 2021 we will once again more than double almost every metric we could possibly track and measure.  We helped over 9,000 families into homes this year in over 30 states and 3 countries.  That is one family every single hour of every single day this year.  That means something more than a number.  Our mission is to deliver the dream of homeownership everywhere.  We helped 9,000 mothers and fathers and sons and daughters and siblings and grandparents find a PLACE to call home, a PLACE to experience life with loved ones, and a PLACE to build generational wealth.

This year we were honored to welcome the most diverse group of partners and talent in our history.  This expands the way we see the world, it challenges the way we think, it enriches our collaboration, and it strengthens our entire organization.  We have begun to transform that “dream” of homeownership into a very simple reality for everyone and anyone.

At the end of every year, social media is flooded with accomplishments, year end numbers, dollar signs followed by lots of zeros, graphics of goals hit and milestones reached.  And we are happy to see those things.  They represent people working hard, being proud of what they’ve done, and being excited for the people they’ve done it with.  They are sharing that joy with the world.  They deserve to be recognized – as every human deserves to be recognized.

But we want everyone at our PLACE to know that we see you.  We appreciate you.  We value you.  We are honored that you call this PLACE home.  Some of you had the best years of your careers.  Congratulations.  You built big businesses.  You sold countless homes. You had an incredible time with family and friends.  You invested and built wealth and gave away a lot of money.  You sowed well and reaped.  Be proud because we are proud of you.   

For some, this year may have been a struggle.  Business was harder.  Life handed you challenges.  You had personal losses and pain.  Be proud because we are proud of you too.  Because you woke up, you laced up your shoes, and took on those challenges.  We were right here by your side and we want you to know that you always have a PLACE here.

When we sent out 1,000 pairs of Nikes this month – one to every person in our organization – it wasn’t just a gift.  It was an acknowledgment of what you all were willing to do in 2021.  And it stands as a symbol of what we have committed to do alongside you in 2022.  Lace up your Nikes.  We are ready to run.  

We have made big promises to the industry and to each of you.  You have made big promises to your customers and to your family.  And we are promise keepers.

We all need a PLACE to call home.

We are proud to call PLACE our home.

And we are glad this is your PLACE as well.

With appreciation, respect, and humility,

Chris & Ben